boletus edulis

Our truffle is from Yunnan, one of the premier wild mushroom regions of the world. All the truffle would be organically grown and free of impurities.

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Special climate and environment, making the best mushroom natural production area in China!

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Careful and meticulous selection, strict control of product quality!


Matsutake contains "tumor polysaccharide" with anti-tumor activity, which can improve the body's autoimmune ability, and has anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory effects.

boletus edulis
boletus edulis

White boletus is delicious and nutritious is a world famous edible mushroom.

Tricholoma matsutake

Tricholoma matsutake is a pure and rare edible mushroom. It is delicious, nutritious and has a high medicinal therapeutic effect.


Rhododendron is rich in nutrients and delicious in taste. It has the reputation of “king of mushrooms”, which is a natural nutrient and has high nutritional value. Red mushroom is rich in essential amino acids, polysaccharides, organic acids, vitamins, fatty acids and terpenoids, pigments and antibiotics.

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Sincere Import & Export Co.,Ltd. is a sourcing company located in Zhejiang Province.We offer professional service for the food import & export.

We are also specialized in shiitake mushrooms, morels, boletus edulis, matsutake, truffles and other high-quality mushrooms, and our factory is located in Yunan. We have been exporting different kinds of wild mushrooms, especially truffle and matsutake to Japan, European market for nearly 15 years with the stable quality and shipping service.
Not only for the wild mushrooms, we also offer service for other food import & export. Such as we import milk from Germany and export different kind of food to the worldwide.

We are confident to make our customers feel at ease, and comfort.