Product Introduction

Perigord Truffle (Latin name: Tuber melanosporum), also known as truffle, is a wild edible fungus that grows underground and looks rugged. Black truffles are rich in protein, 18 kinds of amino acids (including 8 essential amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize), unsaturated fatty acids, multivitamins, zinc, manganese, iron, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and other essential trace elements, as well as sphingolipids. A large number of metabolites such as cerebrosides, ceramides, triterpenoids, androgens, adenosine, trentic acid, sterols, truffle polysaccharides, and truffle polypeptides have extremely high nutritional and health value. The black truffle is known as the "diamond on the table"!

Product Type: Truffles
Part: Whole
Style: Fresh
Shelf Life: 24 months
Drying Process: /
Place of Origin: Yunnan, China
Product name: Chinese black truffles
Color: Black
Keyword: black truffles
Shape: Sliced
Size: 1-3cm 3-5cm >5cm
100% wild truffle: Natural
Source: Wild
Package: According to customer‘s request
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Product Title
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